Office Inspiration

We are finally at the point where we are turning our empty bedroom into an office. This picture from Ballard Designs is my office inspiration. My goal is to create a  rustic, cozy, functional space

Home office with gray and neutral accents:


A few months ago we took down my youngest daughter’s crib. All three of my girls spent the first years of their lives in that crib. And while a part of me is thrilled that the baby stages are behind us — another part of me mourns the loss of it.

We are headed to the land of the unknown. Tweendom and Pre-K all under one roof.

The baby (I can’t actually even call her a baby anymore) bunks with her older sisters, so the nursery is about to gain a new life. Read more

#mojo|Creativity takes Courage


How to get and keep your mojo (inspiration) flowing

You know the stuff.

The thing that has you all geeked up to finish something you’ve been working on. A painting, decorating a room, organizing an impossible closet.


Mojo is the stuff that gets things done in the world.

But how do you even get mojo?

And what happens if you lose your mojo? Read more

Saturday Six

Never have I been more happy to greet Saturday and take some time to breathe. The thing I love most about this time of year is all the beautiful house tours I see popping up all over the place. Because who doesn’t love to look at pretty houses and collect all types of inspiration?

I’m sure there will be a ton of decked out Christmas homes showing up pretty soon — but if you haven’t yet decorated for Thanksgiving, maybe these homes will be just the inspiration you need to tackle yours.

Dear Lillie

Fall Tour BHG

City Farmhouse

fall home tour fire place / jones design company

Jones Design Company

Simple fall table with sunflowers and black and white checked runner

Driven by Decor

Fall Living Room

My Fabuless Life

Eleven Gables

So do you have you decorated your home for fall? Or are you waiting for that Christmas spirit to hit? 

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How to Keep Up with Housework When You Work Full-time

how to keep your house clean when you work full time

For real, there is no magic formula to keep your house clean when you work full-time.

Unless you hire a maid.

That is magic.

But not everyone can do that.

So what’s the woman who can’t afford to hire a maid to do to keep her house clean when she’s tired, cranky and just wants to veg out on reruns of King of Queens? Read more

Smoked Salmon + Asiago Cheese English Muffin

smoked salmon and asiago cheese

Simple and easy are my two favorite words. For everything.

But especially when it comes to food. Some people love to slave over a hot oven and create decadent masterpieces in the kitchen.

Me? I like to get in and get out.


Which is why this breakfast goes down as one of my most favorite. All that’s required is a toaster and a butter knife. No fancy mandolins or free standing mixers involved here.

And it has cheese.

Asiago is one of those cheeses that doesn’t get enough love. It’s smoky. It’s salty.

Asiago is bae.


It’s so easy, it doesn’t even require a recipe. Just top a toasted, buttered English muffin with smoked salmon, a slice of Asiago cheese and green onions.

Simple enough to toss together on a weekday morning but fancy enough to serve at a brunch with mimosas.

And it’s pretty darn tasty.

If you appreciate food of the grab and go variety — this one’s for you.


What’s your favorite easy breakfast food? Let me know in the comments. I need some new ideas. 

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